We want to offer freshly hot lunches...

Ltd. OGINOYA started selling the ekiben "Touge no kamameshi" in 1958.
At a time when "cold makunouchi bento" was the norm for ekiben, the bento was handed to customers while still warm.
"Touge no kamameshi" has surprised and impressed many customers and continues to be loved by them even after more than 60 years.
We have been patronized by our customers for many years and now offer our products at ekiben conventions held in Tokyo, Tokyo Station, and other locations.
We are selling "Touge no kamameshi"
Due to geographical restrictions, it was difficult to hand-deliver "freshly prepared hot boxed lunches" to customers.

OGINOYA's origins as a "freshly prepared hot bento box".
We want to deliver to our customers in Tokyo ...

This idea was given form in the form of a store with a factory attached.OGINOYA HACHIMANYAMA.It is.

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