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Pre-order only] 荻野屋's "Cherry Blossom Viewing Set" reservation starts now!

From March 20, 2024 (Wed.), Hanami sets will be available for pre-order only at each store and on the mobile ordering site. 荻野屋's Hanami sets will make your picnic ! Why don't you enjoy the coming of spring even more? Please make your reservations as early as possible 📢 to enjoy Hanami to your heart's content with 荻野屋's Hanami set! 🌸 We look forward to serving you. We look forward to serving you! Pre-order only 🌸Hanami set 🌸 Contents 峠の釜めし Pulp mold container x 2 Usui Toge no Rikimochi cherry bean paste x 1 Paper bag x 1 The set will be wrapped in a furoshiki (wrapping cloth) with cherry blossom pattern.
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Limited quantity] Reservations for 荻野屋's special Osechi for 2024 are now being accepted on the mobile ordering site.

The three-tiered Osechi "Kirizumi," a three-tiered Osechi (New Year's Eve set of three) made by "荻野屋," the star of the gorgeous dining table for the New Year, is now available for reservation on the mobile order site for the New Year's Eve of 2024. This three-tiered osechi set (first, second, and third layers) is Ogi-ya's pride and joy, using an abundance of carefully selected ingredients. Traditional Japanese dishes that symbolize the end of a year and the beginning of a new one are presented with ingredients that only Ogi-no-ya can offer. Regularly priced at 35,000 yen (tax included), it will be available for delivery only on December 30 and 31. The best-before date is two days after delivery, allowing you to greet the New Year in freshness. Reservations are accepted until Sunday, December 17. We hope you will enjoy this special New Year's Day meal during this precious time of year.
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