Ginza no Kamameshi

From ingredient selection to seasoning
Kamameshi, a Ginza-only item that has been carefully selected

*Sales may have ended due to limited time availability.

Taste of Kamishu

We hope you will enjoy Gunma Prefecture's representative delicious foods such as tender Jyoshu beef steak and thick, flavorful Jyoshu mochi pork.

"Touge no kamameshi"

Ceramic 1,300 yen (tax included)
Pulp mold container 1,200 yen (tax included)

The "峠の釜めし" was born at Yokogawa Station (Gunma Prefecture) in 1958 as a result of a traveler's dream of "a warm, homey bento boxed meal with a rich local flavor. Sixty years have passed since its launch, and the "峠の釜めし" is still carefully made every day with the same spirit of "delivering sincerity.

Jyoshu Beef Steak Bento

2,700 yen (including tax)

Premium steak bento box lunch box, grilled slowly at low temperature. Enjoy the change of taste with two different flavored sauces.

Jyoshu Beef Sukiyaki Bento

1,900 yen (tax included)

Sukiyaki" is one of Gunma Prefecture's representative foods. The taste and volume will satisfy you.

chicken lunchbox

1,550 yen (tax included)

We stick to domestically produced chicken, konnyaku, a specialty of Gunma Prefecture, and Shimonita leeks in a sukiyaki flavor.

chicken and burdock root bento

1,450 yen (including tax)

荻野屋 special takikomi-gohan, a popular product that makes you feel nostalgic and relieved.

Ginza's Wappa-meshi (rice with wappa)

Reasonably priced in a handy size

Soboro (beef minced from beef of Jyoshu)

1,050 yen (tax included)

One more dish for your everyday side dish

Chicken thighs in Ginza

950 yen (tax included)

Bone-in thighs of young chickens

Jyoshu beef sukiyaki

1,550 yen (tax included)

Plenty of Gunma ingredients are used.

This item is currently not available in stores. Please contact the store for details.

*Rice is made from Koshihikari rice grown in Azumino.

For reservations

峠の釜めし: by 12:00 pm of the previous day
Except 峠の釜めし: 3 days prior to order date

We will take care of it.

(Depending on the quantity, this may be possible on the same day.)

*Please contact us if you wish to have it delivered.


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