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荻野屋 弦 Kanda] Announcing the limited "Tomato Soba with Colored Vegetables" to be available from Monday, May 8, 2023.

Starting Monday, May 8, 2023, "Tomato Soba with Colored Vegetables" will be available in limited quantities only at 荻野屋 弦 Kanda. This dish is perfect for the coming hot season when appetites are waning. The manager recommends this refreshing and satisfying dish! The tomatoes and the soba sauce are a perfect match! Please try it!

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Notice of Sales of Onigiri Ekiben [Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the Establishment of "Ekiben Day"].

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of "Ekiben Day," which was established in 1993, 26 member ekiben vendors of the Central Association of Japan Railway Businesses will release their original "onigiri ekiben" named after nigiri-meshi, which is said to be the origin of ekiben. 荻野屋 will release an onigiri bento boxed lunch box containing three types of onigiri: chicken gobo onigiri, jako sansho onigiri, and salmon aosa onigiri. We hope you will enjoy it.

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荻野屋 弦 Yurakucho] 2nd Anniversary Campaign [Kettle Plates Sold Out

On March 26, 2023, 荻野屋 弦 Yurakucho celebrated its second anniversary. We thank you for your continued patronage. The second campaign item that we had announced was sold out due to its popularity. We are sorry to inform you that this product will no longer be available. We will continue to offer the first campaign item, the comparison set, during the campaign period, so please come and visit us.

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荻野屋 Tokyo Mobile Order] 荻野屋 弦 Yurakucho store pickup begins.

Just pre-order, pay and pick up! 荻野屋 Tokyo has added Yurakucho branch to the list of stores where you can pick up your mobile order. 峠の釜めし and other 荻野屋 弦 Yurakucho restaurants are proud to offer their delicious dishes. Since this service is available at multiple locations, you can order not only from 荻野屋 弦 Yurakucho, but also from "nearby stores" and "products you are interested in". We hope you will take advantage of this service.

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荻野屋 弦 Yurakucho] We will hold a campaign to celebrate our 2nd anniversary from March 17, 2023.

On March 26, 2023, 荻野屋 弦 Yurakucho will celebrate its second anniversary.
To thank you for your patronage, we will be offering special products for sale.
荻野屋 弦 To celebrate the second anniversary of the Yurakucho store OPEN, we will be offering a special price for the Jyoshu beef Ichibo and Misuzi eating comparison set from Friday, March 17, and a Yurakucho station engraved kettle plate only available at the Yurakucho store from Friday, March 24! Don't miss out on the special price during this period!

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