What is "Touge no Kamameshi"?

What is "Touge no Kamameshi"?

When you take off the unglazed lid, you will be greeted by the aroma of steam rising slightly and the smell of mountain and village delicacies. Underneath, you can see the lightly colored takikomi-gohan (cooked rice)....
Since its launch in 1958, the "峠の釜めし" has been a long-time favorite of our customers.
The reason why some people come all the way from faraway places for the "kamameshi" they remember from their travels in the past is because of its charm.
The deep taste of carefully selected ingredients blended with the simplicity of handmade food, and the memories of travel that come back to you when you eat it.
おぎのや" will help you create memories of your trip with its unchanged taste and sincerity in an unglazed kettle to wish you a safe trip.


Why they continue to love us

It all started with Customer Voice at the home.

Do you have any requests?" About 55 years ago, the late Mineji Takamizawa, chairman of OGINOYA, was
stood on the platform and asked each and every traveler for their opinions and thoughts on the Ekiben. She came up with one answer.
They want warm, homey, fun lunches.
This sincere attitude toward customers led to the development of new Ekiben.
In 1958, the "Touge no Kamameshi" was born, an Ekiben served in an earthen pot made of Mashiko ware.

Leave the station and enter the wider world.

We want to hear "Delicious" from more customers.

In the 1950s, the "Touge no Kamameshi" was a revolutionary ekiben that defied common sense when it was eaten warm.
After That, it was published in Bungeishunju magazine, and the magazine exploded in sales.
In 1962, the company opened the "Touge no Kamameshi" Drive-In (now the OGINOYA Yokokawa Store) to accommodate the increase in car travel.
Even today, when the buses arrive and depart from the stores, a bowing ceremony is held to welcome and send off the buses.
The restaurant offers a relaxing and tasteful memory to relieve the fatigue of traveling in the restaurant.