rice ball with chicken and burdock root

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Rice cooked in soy sauce and kelp broth, mixed with slow-cooked secret sauce, chicken and burdock root stew. 峠の釜めし has the same ingredients as 峠の釜めし.

Product Details
trade (brand) namerice ball with chicken and burdock root
Price250 yen (tax included)
calorie214 kcal
allergySoybeans, wheat, chicken, sesame
Sales LocationsNew Days Karuizawa/Takasaki Stations
New Days Sakudaira Station (weekends and holidays only)
Yokogawa Store
Jyoshinetsu Expressway Yokogawa Service Area Branch (Upward Route)
Yokogawa Station kiosk (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only)
Annaka Haruna Station store
Takasaki store (Reservations are required.)
Karuizawa station store
Tomioka Trailer House Store (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays only)
Nagano Tokyu Store
Nagano store