Commitment to Materials

We would like to deliver tasteful travel memories by transforming "sincerity" into the form of "hospitality".

In pursuit of the best "taste," we carefully and lovingly make each and every one of our products.

To ensure that our customers can enjoy the warm, handmade taste of our products with the same passion we have always had for our customers.
We use carefully selected ingredients with strict quality control. The process is the same as that used to make bento lunches at home with love and care.
It is "峠の釜めし" that is carefully made.

quail egg
Fresh raw quail eggs are used to preserve the texture and taste.
Japanese chestnut (Castanea crenata)
This is a candied chestnut product made from unbleached and uncolored chestnuts in order to preserve the original taste of chestnuts.
monk's quarters
The chef whittles with a knife with all his heart. The crispness of the finish is different.
apricot (Prunus armeniaca)
Apricots, with their moderate balance of sweetness and sourness, are said to have a regulating effect on the intestines.
shiitake mushroom (Lentinula edodes)
Dried shiitake mushrooms grown on logs are put back in water every day. It is seasoned in a slightly strong Kanto style.
bamboo shoot
Cut into a fan shape to fit the kettle container. Kansai-style seasoning with light soy sauce.
Carefully selected Koshihikari rice is polished in-house and cooked with Rishiri kelp and secret broth for a rich flavor.
chicken meat
Carefully selected Japanese young chickens are intertwined with a secret sauce born from history and tradition to create an exquisite flavor.
green peas
Although small in size, the bright green color is a decisive presence for "looking good".
red pickled ginger
Red ginger uses the pigment of purple sweet potatoes to produce 峠の釜めし in bright colors.
pickled vegetables
This famous side dish is a kettle-shaped container filled with five different kinds of pickles.
rice, meat and vegetable dish served in a small pot
Showa era (1926.12.25-1989.1.7)

峠の釜めし" was patronized by Emperor Showa

The "峠の釜めし" was used by the Emperor Showa when he was on his way to the Toyama National Athletic Meet, and was requested to be loaded at Yokogawa Station.
In particular, when the family of the then Crown Prince visits Karuizawa in the summer and returns to Tokyo, it has become a tradition for them to enjoy the "special 峠の釜めし".
We are grateful for the patronage we have received from the Imperial Household.