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We have a permanent store on the B2F of GINZA SIX, the largest commercial facility in the Ginza area of Tokyo.
OGINOYA GINZASIX offers "Touge no Kamameshi" and other store-specific boxed lunches.

List of Bento Lunch Boxes and Side Dishes

OGINOYA GINZA SIX' boxed lunches and delicatessen items are available for regular in-store sales as well as for delivery in-store by reservation. Reservations for "Touge no kamameshi" can be made until the morning of the day before delivery. Reservations for other boxed lunches and side dishes can be made up to 3 days in advance (in the morning). If the reservation deadline has passed or in case of an emergency, please contact us atPhone (03-6263-9939)Please contact us at We may be able to accept your order depending on production and delivery conditions.

"Touge no kamameshi"

About 峠の釜めし

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 Kamameshi (Ceramic)

 1,300 yen (tax included)

It contains quail eggs, chestnuts, burdock root, apricots, shiitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, rice, chicken, green peas, red ginger, and spices. While mass production is carried out, the particular manufacturing method has been passed down to the present.


 Kamameshi (Pulp Mold Container)

 1,200 yen (tax included)

We created this product in response to customer feedback that Mashiko ware containers are heavy.
The Mashiko ware kiln container is the symbol of 峠の釜めし. Its round and smooth shape and texture are expressed with the texture of Japanese paper.
The raw material is sugarcane pomace, a material that would normally be discarded, and is being reused in an environmentally friendly manner in the region.

chicken lunchbox

1,550 yen (tax included)

This sukiyaki bento features Japanese chicken, Shimonita konnyaku from Gunma Prefecture, and locally grown green onions.
The bento is made with a rich flavor and volume.

chicken and burdock root bento

1,450 yen (tax included)

Chicken meat of limited rearing period is used and mixed with OGINOYA special cooked rice with white burdock root and special sauce.
Enjoy the traditional taste of OGINOYA.

Jyoshu Beef Sukiyaki Bento

1,900 yen (tax included)

Sukiyaki" is one of Gunma Prefecture's representative foods. The taste and volume will satisfy you.

note (supplementary information) symbolSaturdays, Sundays and holidays onlyThis is a boxed lunch of Please contact the store for details.

Jyoshu Beef Steak Bento

2,700 yen (including tax)

Premium steak bento made by a 130-years our history.
Slowly grilled at low temperature to achieve delicious meat tenderness.
Two different flavored sauces, lightly seasoned
With colorful vegetables, this special lunch box is pleasing to both the eye and the palate.

Chicken thighs in Ginza

950 yen (tax included)

Young chicken thighs with bones are used.
Serve with our special side dishes.

Jyoshu Beef Sukiyaki

1,550 yen (tax included)

Sukiyaki, one of Gunma's most popular dishes, is also available as a stand-alone dish.

This item is currently not available in stores. Please contact the store for details.

+a little more than usual


500 yen (tax included)
Regarding rice and white rice for kamameshi

Koshihikari rice produced in Azumino

This item is currently not available in stores. Please contact the store for details.

Bento List

Soboro (beef minced from beef of Jyoshu)

Ginza no Wappa-meshi" - Soboro-stuffed beef from Jyoshu Beef

1,050 yen (tax included)

Jyoshu Beef Soboro" with special soboro made from Jyoshu beef cooked in two different flavors

World Kamameshi Series

World Kamameshi Series [Limited time offer

1,200 yen each (tax included)

Bibimbap, paella, pilaf, fried rice. Why don't you enjoy "delicious" food from all over the world easily?
We hope you will try our "Sekai no Kamameshi," a bento box lunch box filled with a variety of ingredients.

Other products we handle

Mini Kettle of the Mountain Pass" Apple candy

Pickled "Mini Kettle of the Mountain Pass

Pickled small eggplant in a "mini cauldron of the mountain pass

Pickled burdock root in "Mini Kettle of the Mountain Pass

Pickled burdock root in "Mini Kettle of the Mountain Pass

Chikimochi of Usui Pass

soba noodles served over a mountain pass

Discontinued] Bento List

Wappa_Jyoshu beef stew and Nozawana Sai

Ginza no Wappameshi" - Jyoshu Beef Stew and Nozawana Sai

荻野屋 Carefully prepared shigure-ni-gure of Jyoshu beef in a special sweet and spicy sauce, colorfully arranged with nozawana greens and fried egg.

Summer Limited Edition ~Touge no kamameshi Tai~ <Discontinued

Kamameshi cooked with Tom Yum Kung flavor while retaining the familiar ingredients such as shrimp, chicken, and bamboo shoots. Lemongrass and other herbs are used to give the dish that spicy and sour flavor. Squeeze a squeeze of lime for an even more refreshing and authentic taste. The accompanying savory dishes are also flavored with lemon to give them an Asian taste.

峠の釜めし Evangelion Hatsugoki ver.

Touge no kamamshi EVANGELION Unit 01 VER.

It is made of Mashiko-yaki pots that represent the colors of Evangelion Unit 01. The contents will be the same as the regular one.

GINZASIX 4th Anniversary Kamameshi " -SHO- be in full Bloom- "

Underneath the ingredients is tai-meshi (sea bream rice) cooked in a fluffy broth while absorbing the broth. The taste and texture of the ingredients are then arranged in a colorful array of sea and mountain delicacies prepared using a technique that brings out the best of the ingredients to express the budding spring.

Genmai Bento in Ginza .

The more you chew, the more the gentle flavor of brown rice spreads in your mouth. A health-conscious bento that only we can provide. Please enjoy your meal while having a good time.

Mini kettle sweets

To celebrate GINZA SIX's 3rd anniversary, for a limited time only, we have prepared OGINOYA's special soy milk pudding, available in three different flavors! The bowls are, of course, made of miniature Mashiko ware. *Consumption period is 2 days after delivery.

2020 Osechi Box <Sale Ended

This one-person osechi bento is packed with OGINOYA's specialties, including roast beef and yellowtail teriyaki, as well as red and white kamaboko and datemaki, which are representative of the New Year.

2020 Sweets Osechi <Sale ends

This is a gorgeous sweet osechi unique to OGINOYA, including mini sweet kamameshi and manju sweet in pot shape, which are fun to look at and represent "Touge no kamameshi" in sweets.

2019 Special Roast Beef .

Rare ichibo part of Jyoshu beef is used (approx. 300g). Sold in blocks that can be cut into desired sizes, this dish is recommended for parties of any number of people. Comes with special sauce.

2019 Chicken thighs .

Delicious young chicken bone-in thigh meat prepared with our special cooking method.

Colorful lunch box of "Jyoshu Satoyama" (no longer available)

Sukiyaki beef from Jyoshu beef, Jyoshu glutinous pork stew, and other delicious local ingredients from Gunma Prefecture are carefully selected and lavishly prepared. Boiled asparagus and marinated cabbage are also included in this bento. The source of ingredients may change depending on the time of year.

Ginza no matsutake kamameshi (matsutake mushroom kamameshi)

Matsutake mushroom rice, grilled matsutake mushroom, Jyoshu beef steak, chestnuts, bamboo shoots, stewed apricots, kinpira burdock, ginkgo nut The rice is cooked with natural Japanese matsutake mushrooms, topped with a beef steak and slices of matsutake mushrooms cooked in a way that brings out the aroma of the matsutake mushrooms, and served in a special kamameshi container. We hope you will try our "Ginza no matsutake kamameshi," which was very popular last year.

Ayu fish rice with sweetfish sauce

Ayu fish meat is cooked in rice and topped with sweetened ayu fish. The eggplant and zucchini are also seasoned to take full advantage of the flavors of the ingredients, making this a perfect lunch box for the hot summer months.

Ginza no Wappameshi" Jyoshu Kogen Chicken Cutlet .

Chicken cutlet made with Jyoshu Kogen chicken and finished with homemade Japanese sauce.

Special Eel Lunch Box" (no longer available)

荻野屋's special "Japanese eel bento" features a generous portion of Japanese eel on a bed of rice in a hitsu-mabushi style. Please enjoy it with 荻野屋's special sauce that you cannot find anywhere else.

Celebrate new imperial era-REIWA in 2021.

This is a special limited time offer to commemorate the new name "2021". The carefully cooked rice is topped with carefully selected kinmedai (sea bream), which shows the craftsmanship of our chefs, teriyaki broiled kinmedai (sea bream), tokobushi steamed in sake, soaked in soy sauce with a few herring roe and lotus root boiled in red and white sauce.

2nd Anniversary Kamameshi "Sho" (No longer available)

This special commemorative kamameshi features carefully cooked kinmedai (sea bream) rice topped with low-temperature cooked salted and grilled Ginhikari fish, simmered duck in Tosa sauce, fried and soaked burdock, soaked small green onion, and boiled Brussels sprouts, all of which showcase the craftsmanship of the chef.

60th Anniversary Kamameshi (no longer sold)

This luxurious special kamameshi consists of kanreki gohan (red rice) topped with 12 different ingredients, including simmered duck in Tosa sauce, teriyaki sea bream, and celebratory prawns. The Mashiko-ware pottery is also specially designed for this occasion.

2019 Osechi Bento Lunch Box .

The first "Delicious." all to yourself. Osechi bento for one person, featuring duck Tosa-ni, roast beef, red and white kamaboko, datemaki, etc., which are representative of the New Year.

2019 Sweets Osechi .

This sweet osechi contains sweets that express "峠の釜めし" in sweets and sweets made from carefully selected ingredients from Shinshu. We offer sweets that will bring smiles to the faces of your loved ones as they gather for the New Year.

2018 Roast Beef .

Roast beef made from ichibo, a rare part of Jyoshu beef. Sold in blocks.

2018 Chicken thighs .

荻野屋 delicious bone-in thigh meat of young chicken, cooked in a special way. This is the perfect chicken thigh for Christmas that you cannot usually enjoy.

Autumn Taste Lunch Box <Sale ends

This is the perfect lunch box for fall, as it includes Jyoshu beef steak, salmon grilled with miso, maitake mushroom stew, deep-fried shimeji mushrooms, chestnut rice, and more.

OGINOYA’s Special Makunouchi Lunch Box <Discontinued

This makunouchi bento is perfect for the autumn season, using the "particular taste" and "locally produced ingredients" that we have cultivated as a ekiben shop. The colorful side dishes are arranged around Gunma Prefecture's beef, chicken, and vegetables, and the ingredients are seasoned and arranged to create a synergistic effect, making for a tasty meal.

Ginza no Wappa-meshi" fried beef with curry .

Sauteed onions and jyoshu beef with a slight curry flavor.

Ginza no Wappameshi" Jyoshu Pork Cutlet with Sauce .<End of sales

Two pieces of Jyoshu Mochi pork fillet cutlets are used and finished with homemade sauce. Enjoy the texture of the cabbage and onions as well.

Ginza no Wappameshi" Chicken and egg <end of sales

Chicken eggs" made with resilient Japanese young chickens and seasoned with warm eggs and soy sauce-based seasoning are appetizing.

Ginza no Kamameshi Sho <End of sales

The carefully cooked tai-meshi is topped with yuan-yaki (grilled sea bream), shigureni-style Kamishu beef, colorful shrimp, and kinpira (fresh kikurage mushrooms), all of which are special delicacies that are the result of our craftsmen's attention to detail. The Mashiko-yaki bowls are also specially designed.

Ginza no Wappameshi" Jyoshu Mochi Pork Grilled Meat .

Jyoshu Mochi Pork Yakiniku" with Jyoshu Mochi Pork in a special sauce

Ginza no matsutake kamameshi (峠の釜めし荻野屋)

Ginza no matsutake kamameshi

The rice is cooked with Japanese natural matsutake mushrooms, topped with a beef steak and slices of matsutake mushrooms cooked in a way that brings out the aroma of the matsutake mushrooms, and served in a special kamameshi container. We hope you will try the "Ginza no matsutake kamameshi," which can only be enjoyed now.

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