Ginza's Wappameshi Series No.3 "Jyoshu Beef Shigureni and Nozawana Sai" is now available!

The "Ginza Wappameshi" series, now on sale by popular demand, will newly introduce "Jyoshu Beef Shigureni and Nozawana Sai".

Sai Nozawana and Szechuan beef stew" 800 yen (excluding tax)

荻野屋 Carefully prepared shigure-ni-gure of Jyoshu beef in a special sweet and spicy sauce, colorfully arranged with nozawana greens and fried egg.

The popular "Jyoshu Beef Soboro" and "Jyoshu Pork Sauce Katsu" are still on sale. Please take this opportunity to try them.

We also sell 荻野屋 green tea that goes well with bento boxes as needed.

Cold tea is also available to accompany your lunch.

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