Popular Wappameshi series "Jyoshu Kogen Chicken Cutlet" is now available!

The popular Wappameshi series "Jyoshu Kogen Chicken Katsu" will be available from December 15 (Sat.).

Chicken cutlet of Jyoshu Kogen chicken with Japanese sauce: 780 yen (excluding tax)

Chicken cutlet made with Jyoshu Kogen chicken and finished with 荻野屋's special Japanese sauce.

The popular Wappameshi series "Jyoshu Beef Sobororo" and "Jyoshu Beef Shigureni and Nozawana Sai" are also on sale.

Please take this opportunity to taste it.

We also offer reservations for 峠の釜めし and boxed lunches.

*Please place your order at least 3 days in advance as the number of items is limited.
We may not be able to meet your request if the order dates are close together.


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