Ginza no Kamameshi "Autumn" Launch Commemorative Present Campaign

Limited quantities - You must get it!
📢"Ginza Kamameshi "Autumn"" Launch Commemorative Present Campaign📢.

Thank you for your continued support of 荻野屋.
From Saturday, September 16, 2023荻野屋 GINZASIXGinza no Kamameshi "Autumn" will be on sale for a limited time. To commemorate the start of sales, customers who purchase "Ginza no Kamameshi Autumn" will receive one Soy Milk Maccha Dorayaki as a gift 🍵.

*Only the first present will be given away as soon as all the dorayaki are gone.
One soy milk green tea dorayaki will be given for every one of Ginza's kamameshi.

Campaign has ended

Dorayaki and Ginza Kamameshi "Autumn" are still on sale, so please be sure to try them.

Product Information

Product Name:Kamameshi "Autumn" in Ginza
Sales Stores:荻野屋 GINZASIX
Order Acceptance Time:Same as each store's business hours
Merchandise delivery store:Same as order acceptance store

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