Commitment to Containers

Commitment to Containers

About ceramic containers

Ceramic Containers

The ceramic containers that led to the birth of "Touge no kamameshi" were adopted in response to customers' requests for a hot boxed lunch after a long train ride.
Ceramic vessels are sterilized at high temperatures before use, and as a result, they retain their heat well, which makes it possible to serve hot food to customers.

About Pulp Mold Containers

Pulp Containers

Pulp mold containers were created in response to customer feedback that they were too heavy to carry around.
Pulp molds are made from materials normally considered industrial waste, such as sugarcane pomace and bamboo shoot peels, making them environmentally friendly. In recognition of this, the product received the GOOD DESIGN Award in 2013.A portion of the proceeds is donated to the Earth and Future Environmental Fund.